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We help them start up or restart

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Our core design services include research, strategy, branding, physical space design and front-end digital. We are a team of passionate creatives that thrive on building great relationships with our clients and expert partners.

We are creative catalysts, partnering with brands that want to challenge their sector Over the years we have found that the most fulfilling and challenging projects come from clients who have great aspirations for their brand. It might be intimidating for clients to disrupt the norm and push through the boundaries but we are here to support, encourage and light the way to create new benchmarks.

What we stand for

Our thoughts Words create meaning so it's important you understand how we think as well as how we help you cut through the clutter. Here are a selection of some of our finest articles you may find interesting:


To inspire and encourage people to embrace the power of design and create their own future. Why? Because design is a powerful tool for change. Everything needs to be designed and we don’t evolve without it. On a human level we want to inspire everyone around us. Our clients, our team and anyone who comes into contact with us.


Identifying the competition and investigating what they are doing, not only in your sector or locality but across sectors and around the globe. What does best in class look like? Through our extensive network, we'll paint the picture and help set a benchmark.


Determining a clear sense of direction and purpose for each project is key to ensure projects achieve their goals, such as raising sales or increasing brand awareness.


IDenciti Overview

Our clients invest in us to do things differently with a variety of objectives. Whether raising sales or brand awareness, generating recognition from landlords or even creating something in the physical world that will go viral in the digital world. No challenge is too great!​​

Our team is small but beautifully formed, made up of an eclectic mix of personalities, backgrounds and skills. This is who we are and what we love!

We work with innovators, communicators and future-oriented leaders. We help them start up or restart. Spark small beginnings or tackle complex challenges. For profit, fun and a better world.


Years of

IDENCITI 360 Unique Design Systems

We discuss how luxury branding is entering a challenging phase and what people now perceive as luxury is changing. We show how it can go horribly wrong and how luxury should be understated & elegant. The one thing that is clear, you need to truly understand your audience and your values. If you can mesh the two, you speak to your customers on a more emotional level. Read the article to see what is takes to stand out.

It's becoming increasing harder to stand out, especially as architects and interior designers where everyone has beautiful imagery. This article is created to inspire you with visuals and give practical advice. We talk about what to leverage with your branding so your marketing is just as beautiful as the work. The most important, differentiate typographically. For the other tips, see for yourself and read the article.

Property are taking a leaf out of the luxury book and using storytelling and strategy to sell more property. Now you are selling more than just property, you are selling an aspiration, a lifestyle. We also look at the future of property and how Virtual & Augmented Reality will play a huge part in how property could be sold in the future. Read the full article to see how strategy could help you

We discuss Stella McCartney's collaboration with Adidas and how it's a clever move to open up new audiences. Heritage only gets you so far so it's important to stay relevant while remaining true to your values. The main value is being eco-conscious so Stella is reaching a younger generation who are empowered by the likes of Greta Thunberg to change their lifestyle and shopping habits to save the planet.

— Clients